Nutritional Therapy is more than just healthy eating; it is based on scientific research into how our individual biochemistry works and how we can help to support our own bodies and keep them at the peak of optimum health.

Clinical Research has shown that targeted nutrition may help develop the body’s strength and resistance to illness and disease, and is highly beneficial in many areas affecting our health and well-being.

Ailments and chronic health conditions arise when your body is not functioning optimally – you may not be eating well, you are stressed, or maybe just generally feeling fatigued and run-down. And this may show itself with simple symptoms such as bloating, flatulence, headaches, joint pain, plus many others. In the long-term this may lead to more serious health concerns, so supporting all your bodily systems by eating a healthy diet and maintaining a relaxed lifestyle is hugely important.

Nutritional therapy is a complimentary therapy, which can be used alongside orthodox medicine.